Urban Jazz from Obermichelbach

Flinkfingro – What is that supposed to be? Four musicians, having no clue of jazz whatsoever, just do it! Without entering any stylistic commitment, the quartet break new, daring ground.

Their program includes, amongst others, crazy new originals, reinterpretations of gypsy jazz standards and variations about Nintendo Game classics. In doing so, the joy of playing, perfectly absurd solos, and a common dynamic are more important than a uniform, highbrow concept – jazz doesn’t always have to be serious!


Stay tuned...


  • Flinkfingro Juhu
  • Der Staubsauger
  • El Diablo Live
  • Ich Muss Weg
  • Tanz der Flamingos
  • Schill Out Juhu
  • Die Erfahrung
  • El Diablo Suelto
  • Hungry Cat
  • Rhesus Perplexus
  • Les Yeux Noirs


Joschi Joachimsthaler
Phone (Germany)
+49 162 96 53 998
Phone (Spain)
+34 649 141 530